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Conover+Brown: Introducing the World to Itself.


Why does Conover+Brown exist?

"I was born a thinker; more appropriately, I was born a divergent thinker obsessed with convergence. My mind races from one idea to another always wondering, 'how are these things related? How can they be configured to improve the lives of others?'" I spent several years as a consultant and the central theme I couldn't avoid was how something as universal and common as mentality, or how one views things, creates all of the complexity in the world. The problem hasn't been that we don't know, but rather we rarely take time to see how our knowledge relates to the rest of the world. 
Conover+Brown is a privately operated organization that helps the world connect to the world. We think about commerce, well-being, war, policy, urbanization, investments, farmers' markets, education, cognition, managers, boards of directors, social trends, and global economies, amongst other concepts, and design strategies, interventions, and models to improve how the world works.
Our client is the world and our task is to continually introduce it to itself."
Bryce Brown, Co-Founder

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We Connect People to Themselves

An understanding of self is necessary to successfully navigate the complex world around us. Everyday we are making decisions that seem so natural to us that we take for granted their origin and process. 

We Connect people to others

In this Age of Information and extreme connectivity, understanding the actions of others has become critically important, but many of us still fall short. To combat the friction that increases in social complexity, we must consistently explore the mind sets of our neighbors, collaborators, and potential opponents

We Connect ideas

Knowledge abounds in the minds of talented, curious individuals the world over. However, more efforts must be put into to connecting ideas to themselves. All ideas relate back to the same world.


“Human progress is furthered not by conformity, but by aberration.”

H L Mencken


About Conover+Brown

Conover+Brown is a member of the new generation of consultancy, bold, innovative, and armed with tools that span from the behavior sciences to the data sciences. We see the world as a giant connected ecosystem where every idea, every decision-maker, and every society can exists with relation to others; everything is connected.

Our work is applicable to individuals through syndicates and public agencies: we help our clients make sense of their most complex problems and partner to design solutions with measurable impact. 

Our clients are varied, but they all possess:

  • "Another way" innovation mind sets
  • Deep desires to be better
  • Appreciation for outside voices that challenge assumptions
  • Need to balance of policy, people, and profit
  • Need to push beyond comfort and legacy
  • Need to connect the world in meaningful ways

We serve:

  • Multinational corporations
  • Regional companies and organizations
  • Individuals
  • Leaders
  • Nonprofits
  • Public agencies
  • Students
  • Families