About Conover+Brown

Conover+Brown was founded in 2016 by neuropsychologist, Michelle Conover, Ph.D. QME, and business consultant, Bryce Brown. What originally began as a learning facility for applying psychological research and theory to social systems evolved into Conover+Brown today, an organization that applies psychology, social science, and principles of strategic management to performance concerns faced by individuals and organizations.

Our clients are varied, but they all possess:

  • "Another way" innovation mind sets
  • Deep desires to be better
  • Appreciation for outside voices that challenge assumptions
  • Need to balance of policy, people, and profit
  • Need to push beyond comfort and legacy
  • Need to connect the world in meaningful ways

We serve:

  • Individuals (managers & employees)
  • Local & small businesses
  • Regional &mid-sized businesses
  • Nonprofits
  • Public agencies

Michelle Conover, Ph.D., QME
Partner, Subject Matter Expert
Brain & Behavior

Dr. Michelle Conover is a licensed psychologist and Q.M.E., trained at Pacifica, Fielding and UCLA. She specializes in clinical and forensic neuropsychology with particular training and experience with traumatic head injury and neurodegenerative diseases. She has worked with children, adults and geriatric populations as well as specific populations such as professional athletes and criminal offenders. Dr. Conover has treated individuals with TBI, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, learning difficulties, stroke, addiction and other complicating diseases such as Alzheimer’s. She is the clinical director and owner of Southern California Neuropsychology Group (www.socalnpg.com) in Woodland Hills, CA where she provides neuropsychological assessment, cognitive rehabilitation, psychotherapy and performance enhancement training for athletes. In addition, Dr. Conover is the creator of Dream Big Career Assessments (www.thedbcc.org) where her innovative and scientific approach of linking interests, brain functioning and personality patterns has optimized career success.

Dr. Conover has had the opportunity to provide post-traumatic concussion, brain injury and cognitive rehabilitation care for pro athletes from the Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Bucaneers, San Diego, Chargers, Oakland Raiders, Baltimore Ravens, KC Chiefs, Omaha Nighthawks, Houston Texans, Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Brown, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, Tennessee Titans, Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, & Denver Broncos.

Dr. Conover is the co-host of Conover+Brown's podcast The Brain Mechanics alongside Bryce, where she brings her clinical expertise in real world conversations about society. 

Bryce Brown
Partner, Managing Director
Strategy & Organization

After graduating from Loyola Marymount in 2011 with a Bachelors in Natural Science, Bryce co-founded niche consulting firm, VB ICON, and worked mostly in education with the Long Beach Unified School District's Male Academy Leadership Program as well as consulting on management strategy with several small businesses in the Los Angeles area. Committed to gaining a robust understanding of decision-making, he began at Southern California Neuropsychology Group in Summer 2014 and assumed the role of Director of Operations & Development later that year.

In 2015, he co-founded Conover+Brown's predecessor, The integrated Learning Annex, a learning facility applying psychological principles to real world problems with a plan for offering professional services within three years. The Annex offered digital and in-person learning solutions as well as a Livestream channel for The Annex's two web programs, The Brain Mechanics and Fireside. 

He and Dr. Conover founded Conover+Brown in 2016 with special attention to employee and team development, synergized corporate and talent strategy, and organization development. 

Bryce is a an alumnus of Southern California Leadership Network’s Leadership Southern California 2016 cohort and a member of the Los Angeles Venture Association. He remains active in education and youth development, running many of Conover+Brown's learning programs and mentoring young people around the Greater Los Angeles Area.