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Conover+Brown's cofounders, Dr. Michelle Conover, a clinical and forensic neuropsychologist, and Bryce Brown, a development coach and organizational consultant, created the agency with nearly 20 years combined of people developing experience. Dr. Conover founded and operates Southern California Neuropsychology Group, a neuropsychology clinic where she assesses and treats children through adults for psychological management and wellness. Bryce, a consultant and business executive, managed the clinic's strategic development and operations while consulting a large, urban school district. Blending the precision techniques of neuropsychology with the desired growth outcomes of consulting, Dr. Conover and Bryce officially launched Conover+Brown in Spring 2016.

Conover+Brown offers a range of coaching services in the executive, developmental, and personal domains as well as behavioral risk management strategies for organizations and institutions. We help our clients, students through executives, reach their goals and development objectives.

Using custom development plans, innovative assessments, and the latest in technology, we are helping people worldwide define and realize their own success.

We also put on a really cool podcast, The Brain Mechanics, where we discuss life, business, and politics through our distinctive brain-behavior lens. Check it out every Friday morning at 7AM.


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