Bryce Brown,
Professional Coach

I am a professional coach based out of los angeles. My practice focuses on generating growth in my client's lives and careers through detailed analyses of their mental and behavioral strengths.

My formal entry to professional coaching occurred during my tenure as Director of Operations for Southern California Neuropsychology Group, a mental health facility owned and operated by my behavioral mentor, clinical and forensic neuropsychologist Dr. Michelle Conover. As a manager-coach, I applied the tools and techniques I learned while managing the clinic to personnel development inside and outside the organization.

Prior to SCNPG, I taught personal and leadership development as a consultant to a youth development program in a large Los Angeles County school district. 

I graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2011 with a pre-medicine degree and worked with many LA area small businesses on business development, personnel development, and growth strategies.

My flagship coaching program, Mastering Mental Strengths, was developed out of my training under Dr. Conover. It combines a psychometric understanding of mind and behavior with various personal and professional goals to deliver customized development plans clients rely on to organize the next steps of their life and career plans.

I am an alumnus of the Southern California Leadership Network’s Leadership Southern California and a co-host of the The Brain Mechanics podcast alongside Dr. Conover, where we discuss current events, personal and professional development, and various keys to living the good life through our distinctive brain + behavior lens.

I also authored a book on leadership, You Are Leading Humans: Lessons in Contemporary Leadership.