Career Development

The career of today's leader is anything but static. New opportunities, new challenges, and new market developments mean executives have more options than ever to take their careers to new heights. Conover+Brown helps leaders feel clear and confident as they consider their options.


Executive Performance

Coaches used to be called in to fix "broken" leaders; now they are par for the course for any organization serious about rewarding and developing their top talent. Conover+Brown's performance services leverage the natural skills of leaders and help unlock their unique acumen.


Executive Development

With emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and human-centered thinking popular in management thinking, Conover+Brown offers unique development solutions for today's leading minds. Common client requests are work/life balance, social and emotional intelligence, and human-focused leadership. Our suite of action plans and performance development programs are also popular.




Mind + Behavior are vital to Executive Development

Leadership is the wheelhouse of our founder, Bryce Brown. He has lectured, consulted, and created programming on and around what makes a good leader since the beginning of his career. 

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