Development Plans + Coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is a Development Plans?:              a document that organizes strengths, deltas (areas for improvement), and objectives, and the specific actions that will be taken to achieve objectives. Development Plans should be completed every 1-3 years. Conover+Brown dev plans are comprehensive (see video) and come in 5 “flavors”:
    1. Personal Development Plan — for self-development and satisfaction
    2. Professional Development Plan — for career or organizational effectiveness  
    3. Executive (Leadership) Development Plan — for leadership development
    4. Entrepreneur Development Plan — for aspiring coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs 
    5. Team Development Plan — for team building and performance 
  2. Development Coaching: ongoing, structured coaching process for understanding strengths and deltas and achieving objectives. 
    1. Personal Development Coaching: working with professionals on development objectives that fall outside of work settings, but have relevance to work growth as well.
    2. Professional Development/Business Coaching: working with professionals at any company level to clarify objectives, build capacities, and unlock potential with objectives defined by either the individual or organization.
    3. Executive (Leadership) Coaching: a blend of business and life coaching administered at the highest leadership levels (CEO and direct reports) with a three way relationship: the executive, the coach, and the organization with objectives defined jointly by the executive themselves and the organization
      1. The primary distinction besides targeting upper management is the importance of organizational objectives in the engagement. Development and Business coaching are typically less impactful on organization performance and are defined by the individual client; executive coaching always as an organizational influence.
    4. Entrepreneur Coaching: coaching for self-employers: coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs emphasizing creative business modeling and leadership skills necessary for achieving market success.
    5. Team Coaching: working with teams to improve collective effectiveness/performance
  3. Coaching vs Training: Coaching processes are facilitative while Training services are instructional