A. People Operations, as the name implies, is the management and optimizing effort targeting the relevant humans to any business, firm, or organization. This includes in-house personnel, employees, managers, and executives, but can sometimes extend to a business's ecosystem including important investors, owners, and regular customers.


Q. What is a business ecosystem?

A. The business ecosystem includes people, technology, competitors, regulatory agencies, financial services organizations, and, of course customers, which interconnect and modulate each other's behavior. 


Q. how do you help your clients?

A. We like to Keep It Simple, so our value proposition is to improve business outcomes through projects, trainings, and coaching aimed at the humans in an ecosystem. Past projects have included streamlining operations for a regional pest control business, developing a professional development program for newly minted mental health professionals graduating from Los Angeles's graduate institutions, and improving metrics in a large urban school district. Like a traditional management consultancy, we conduct engaged studies to improve efficiency; however, we have a specialty in human behavior, organizational dynamics, and strategic management. One of our partners even wrote a fun book on Leadership.


Q. Who do you work with?

A. As a mission-driven company, we are selective with the projects we take on. We love forward-thinking, innovative firms with an one eye on performance and growth and the other on the state of the humans their firm affects. We are especially of companies with a mission of their own: empowering women, advancing technological innovation, or transforming outdated process. We've had small business, government, tech, nonprofit, and everything in between. Once we establish fit and synergy, the rest is simple.


Q. Why are people so important to business?

A. Human beings have come a long way in the last quarter million years, but we are still the primary threat to one another, still the primary liability in business administration, and still the highest item on a P/L report. People are important because our world is driven by the thoughts and actions of one another. With massive strides accomplished in information technology and software development, we have the unprecedented opportunity to fully understand those thoughts and behaviors and make strategic choices that benefit our top and bottom lines alongside the individual human's as well. The dual-mandate victory (win for companies, win for  employees) isn't just possible, its mandatory to compete with other world class firms.


Q. how can we work together?

A. We understand budgetary constraints, budget cuts, and the reality that most companies are simply not looking to People Operations to improve those outcomes. However, this is precisely what we advocate: using People + Organization to outpace the competition. If you are seeking creative, lasting improvements to your business outcomes, drop us a line.