I am a leading development agency specializing in mental + behavioral strengths in personal + professional development. We accelerate our clients' growth + success by helping them focus on what is important.

What is Professional Coaching?

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as a thought-provoking + creative process that inspires clients to reach for their maximum potential, personally + professionally. Professional coaches generally specialize as life + personal coaches or executive + business coaches (although some, like myself, practice in both domains) and use many different techniques; however, all coaches use their facilitative process to enhance awareness to help their client focus on what is important and generate action to help their client realize growth.

Why do I need a coach?

Coaching is for psychologically healthy, high-functioning professionals, managers, + executives committed to realizing growth in their lives + careers. The philosophy of coaching is that high-functioning people are capable of solving their own problems, but often request skilled professionals with a formal process that creates an environment safe for experimentation, exploration, and growth. This environment encourages the client to rethink assumptions and raises awareness. When awareness is raised success is accelerated, the time it takes to leverage new learning is shortened, and the learning itself is sharpened + strengthened

What are the main benefits of coaching?

As aforementioned, the main benefit of coaching is its ability to accelerate success. However, coaching is a powerful tool with many decades of practice + research behind it and certain concerns + goals have been discovered to be especially impacted by the coaching process:

  • Getting "unstuck" from life/career blocks
  • Reconnecting/ re-engaging with personal and professional passions
  • Successful life/career transitions
  • Resolved life/career problems affecting productivity + performance
  • Enhance performance + leadership capacities
  • Personal growth

Why is my approach important?

All coaches have a specific approach and technique they use. These approaches and techniques differ in what they have the client focus on to raise awareness and the tools used to bring success outcomes. Our approach has our clients focused on their mental + behavioral strengths as critical tools to increasing their success. Through our exclusive partnership with Southern California Neuropsychology Group, we use an blend of neurocognitive + psychometric tools to help our clients understand where + how they excel then integrate these findings into personal, performance, or leadership plans with tangible ROI.

In short, we are specialists in personal, emotional, + social intelligence applied to business + personal success.

Why Bryce Brown Coaching?

As the People  + Personnel Division of Southern California Neuropsychology Group, we are backed by an advanced understanding of mind + behavior strengths. Our senior coaches are also former managers + entrepreneurs in the healthcare space and with 25+ years of people + personnel experience as both internal + external coaches, clients can rest assured that our solutions are business-relevant, proven, + effective.

I’ve been working with Bryce for quite some time now and the unique view he has on business and life has helped grow my company exponentially. I absolutely would not be where i am without his insight.
— Candice C., Fashion
Bryce Brown always remains unpretentious with his students and clients, incredibly accessible to them, kind in his suggestions, and generous in his praise. Suffice it to say, Bryce Brown has an excellent reputation at Long Beach Poly/PAAL High School for his honesty, integrity, open-mindedness, dedication and hard work. Given the opportunity, with his sincerity and enthusiasm, Bryce Brown will help transform the lives of many people in our community.
— Lloyd W., Education