Summer Fellowship


We believe in time travel...

For a select group of high school juniors, Conover+Brown is making time travel possible. Through our Summer Fellowship, we have created a platform that lets young people jump forward in time, connecting them to skills, insight, and development opportunities most don't receive until well into undergraduate programs.

Training the next generation of consultant

Conover+Brown's Summer Fellowship is 6 week long intensive training program available to high school juniors around the Greater LA area in business and management functions. The cohort is limited to 6 seats as candidates learn from Conover+Brown partners and associates the in's and out's of business management and leadership revolving around 3 major areas:

  1. Strategy
  2. Management
  3. Organization

Fellows will receive technical and soft skills training in:

  1. Critical Thinking and Analysis
  2. Project Management
  3. Teamwork, Collaboration, and Innovation
  4. Presentation and Interpersonal Skills
  5. Leadership

Program begins June 26, 2017 and goes through August 11, 2017. 

Fellows participate in learning experiences, as well as working with Conover+Brown staff on active client projects like market analysis, geopolitical analysis, change and transformation, and competitive analysis, amongst other topics.



  • Tuition is free

Interested in participating?

There are two paths to admission:

  1. Adult nomination
  2. Personal nomination

For adult nomination, we ask that parents, counselors, community members, family friends, or other, submit a one page nomination letter along with the application available below.

For personal nomination, we ask that you submit a two page nomination letter explaining why you are interested in applying.

GPA's are not considered in the acceptance process.

Successful consultants think outside of the lines. A successful candidate in our program could be the student you least expect: one with history of poor conduct, failing grades, or from a underrepresented community. We welcome all applications.