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We are a leading professional coaching agency specializing in mental + behavioral strengths in personal + professional development.

As the People + Personnel Development division of Southern California Neuropsychology Group, we blend our advanced understanding of mind + behavior to help professionals, managers, and executives reach their maximum potential inside and outside of work. 


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Professional Coaching

Professionals are always looking for ways to stand out from their talented competition. Professional development engagements are designed to enhance existing skills, increase social and emotional intelligence, and align current actions with future vision.

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Executive coaching

Unlocking an executive's potential is a joint effort requiring internal and external efforts. Internal feedback is reinforced or reshaped by objective, external feedback provided by a skilled coach. Our engagements emphasize goal-orientation and evidence-based best-practices.

Performance coaching

Our roots in cognition and behavior lead to innovative approaches for increasing performance. From targeted behavior change to mindful client-service, our performance development modules equal higher quality and quantity of work outcomes.


Advanced Behavior Insight

Conover+Brown is the People+Personnel division of Southern California Neuropsychology Group. With deep technical roots in cognition, affect, and behavior applied to work outcomes, our solutions help professionals develop a deepened awareness of themselves, their value, and their vision.

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Unbiased, Objective Feedback.

Feedback is the fuel of growth. Manager-, supervisor-, and peer-reviews are critical to the professional's success within a firm and their overall career development. Skilled coaches enhance the value of internal review by interpreting feedback, adding additional measurements, and facilitating action plans.


Evidence-Based Practices.

Coaching is both an art and science; the art of building rapport and feeling out a client's current limits so they can be pushed beyond them requires creative, intuitive mentalities. However, coaching done properly is goal-oriented and data-driven. The science behind practice dramatically improves the success of engagements.

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Outside Perspective.

Objective feedback is possible internally; however, a coach is generally engaged to contribute from an outsider's perspective. This acknowledges the value of combating entrenched thinking, fostering innovation, and promoting client-centered growth.


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Our mission is to fuel high performing, learning cultures through targeted coaching services. While we're located in Los Angeles, we have clients around the world and gladly offer phone and video-chat consultations and sessions in addition to in-person meetings.