We are a team of curious minds taking the motto "be the change you want to see in the world" to the professional services. The brainchild of business strategist, Bryce Brown,  and clinical neuropsychologist, Michelle Conover PhD., Conover+Brown tasks itself with applying methods and insights from psychology, social science, and strategic management to performance issues in organizations.

Our role varies from strategist, coach, trainer, researcher, or adviser depending on client need, but all engagements are for performance improvement and heavily involve behavior, decision-making, social functioning, and strategy execution.

So, who should partner with us?

Organization Facing

  • Business Leaders interested in insights into the mind in order to improve initiative impact and strategic outcomes.
  • HR Departments looking for additional analytical, strategic, and/or tactical muscle to improve HR contribution to business.
    • Analytical initiatives seeing out improvements hidden in HR Data.
    • Strategic HR initiatives forecasting workforce and human capital needs, transforming organizations, or merging (or divesting) businesses.
    • Tactical HR interventions including meeting facilitation, conflict resolution, team development, and employee enrichment.
  • Owners, investors, and boards of directors ensuring the productivity and efficacy of key managers.
  • Managers managing difficult personalities on their teams.
  • Team leaders improving internal communication and collaboration.
  • Hiring managers making important promotion choices.
  • Nonprofits rethinking their leadership, their processes, and their effectiveness.
  • Employers engaging their employees.

Market Facing

  • Public figures needing to influence or persuade public opinion.
  • Finance professionals reaching out to underserved markets.
  • Elected officials and public agents facing complex behavior challenges.
  • Entrepreneurs creating innovative products and services.
  • Social entrepreneurs tackling complex socio-cultural challenges.
  • Marketers interested in target segment opinion.
  • Educators exploring how their students think and how their teachers design, present, and curate information.
  • Community leaders in diverse populations with competing demands and expectations.
  • Parents invested in their children's psychological and social growth.
  • Urban Planners investigating the mentalities of developing communities.
  • Organizations ready to engage stakeholders in meaningful dialogue.
  • Everyday citizens looking to expand their boundaries beyond their communities.