Conover+Brown's organization services support forward-thinking companies tackling people, change, and organizational performance challenges. We partner with your Human Resources and critical business function leaders to design superior organization solutions that connect people and talent strategies to organization strategies.

Who needs O-BDDEF? Everyone.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Organizations "creep" over time. The best plans and the best actions have to be assessed and adjusted frequently causing businesses to drift.
  • Change is constant. Org operations are about stewardship in the face of dynamic change. 
  • Many companies seek out experts everywhere except Org ops. We all have lawyers, accountants, and seasoned strategists to help us with revenue and compliance matters, but fail to embed behavioral or social expertise, even though these impact revenue.
  • Careful planning routinely gives way to lukewarm implementation. If human decision-making is a complicated phenomenon in general, then collective or corporate decision-making is orders of magnitude more. From perspectival differences to power dynamics, territorial displays to personality quirks, effectively getting large groups of people from ideas to collaborative action requires dedicated expertise and resources.
  • When crisis occurs, you need experts. In times of duress, people panic. Conover+Brown is supported by its sister clinic, Southern California Neuropsychology Group, whose behavior experts are available around the clock.
  • We know business and we know behavior. O-BDDEF is a flexible framework that straddles two unfathomably complicated worlds: business and human behavior. Conover+Brown staff are experienced management consultants, therapists, and psychologists whose collaboration over the years has pushed the practice of studying individual and collective behavior in the workplace to new frontiers.

What can O-BDDEF tell us?

  • Are strategic goals understood?
  • Is information flowing?
  • Are employees looking for the exit?
  • Is management communicating effectively?
  • Are our processes intuitive?
  • Do policies inspire creativity or conformity?
  • How efficient are we?
  • Identifying impediments to performance and ethical actions to dislodge them
  • Promising new markets and penetration strategies
  • How diversity affects organization bottom lines
  • Are there leaders in our fold? How can we develop them?
  • There are fault-lines in a key function, what are our options?
  • Does our current Learning and Development Strategy support long-term performance growth?
  • What is causing delay on this project?
  • What inefficiencies can we reduce this quarter and what does that do to our bottom lines?
  • Where do our hidden synergies lie?
  • How can I harmonize my home life and office life?
  • Are our employees challenged enough?
  • What do employees think 'meaningful work' means?
  • Is it possible to correct dysfunction stemming from bad management?
  • How can we make collective (distributed) decisions?
  • Where is the untapped revenue potential?
  • Best ways to teach new skills to seasoned vets?
  • Is it possible to balance business excellence with people excellence? If so, how?