Performance Improvement

We treat the mind like a muscle: it needs to be engaged and worked in order for it to engage in work. Our Performance coaching looks at human performance through our unique mind and behavior lens and generates measurable growth.



While some clients seek engagements for improving performance, we encourage individuals to consider maintenance engagements as well. These check-in's focus on balance and steady growth.


Innovative Techniques 

We pride ourselves on delivering results through client-centered, integrative approaches. Human performance is quantitative and qualitative and we stimulate growth by engaging the whole. 





The minds of Professionals need attention too.

Conover+Brown was created to address a need our founders identified in the marketplace: support the mental, behavioral, and essential needs of working professionals that fell short of clinical concerns. Modern success is just as much about the mind and character as it is the title and paycheck amount. Learn more about our Professional Development services today:

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