Personal Development: Mind Meets Mentality.

Designed by clinical neuropsychologist, Dr. Michelle Conover, and professional coach, Bryce Brown, our
services help our clients achieve personal mastery.


Confidence is a fundamental building block of modern success. A sense of inner-peace as one navigates the demands of work and non-work situations eludes many, so our confidence building services are popular among clients.



Paralysis by analysis. Social media overload. Our everyday lives are inundated by options and their seemingly infinite rabbit holes. Which ways will bring us closer to that we desire? Whether career or personal clarity, our coaching takes the endless permutations and provides clients with clear strategies and best-options for the most complex decisions.

Emotional IQ

Some of our first service offerings were training programs for developing EQ. As a coaching firm born from a psychology clinic, we pride ourselves on our ability to break down the behavior patterns of direct reports, supervisors, teammates, significant others, dependents, and competitors. 

Organization/Time Management

Technology is only as effective as the minds leveraging it. Work with a coach to get a handle on hectic schedules, competing obligations, and the deluge of apps signaling your attention.


Some say we are living in the attention deficit era; we are inclined to believe that. How many projects are you juggling right now? How many lunch dates, email updates, and text conversations do you need to check back on? Burn out is a leading cause of the reported 85% of the American working public that identifies as "actively disengaged" by a recent Gallup poll. Rediscover your focus and simplify your life.


A state of satisfaction is almost laughable for modern career-warriors, but it doesn't have to be that way. Growth goals, happiness check-in's, and reality checks are just a few of the activities one can use to recommit to their own sense of well-being.


Speaking of commitment, isn't it time to check in with your pattern of decision making? Nothing signals burn out like going through the motions, idly checking emails, and dreaming of being elsewhere. Reconnect to your "why" through coaching.

Stress Management

Stress is necessary - nature gave it to us as a natural reminder that things need to get done; however, too much negative stress is a one-way ticket to the doctor's office. Get your levels back within healthy parameters and feel yourself again.


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