Meet Dr. Michelle Conover and Bryce Brown, clinical neuropsychologist and performance coach, respectively. Dr. Conover founded and operates Southern California Neuropsychology Group, a neuropsychology clinic where she assesses and treats children through adults for psychological management and growth. Brtyce came on as Director of Operations in 2014 and they immediately began discussions about offering professional services, eventually opening Conover+Brown in 2016.

Conover+Brown creates development solutions for individuals and organizations. By ‘development’ we mean the mental and behavioral evolution necessary to grow into greater roles and responsibilities, therefore, a development solution is a 1-on-1 or group learning engagement designed to set and achieve a spectrum of professional goals. Our core solutions are coaching and training engagements delivered via lightweight technologies. We are currently accepting new clients for our Accountability Partner, Performance Partner, and Team Performance Partner programs.

We also put on a really cool podcast, The Brain Mechanics, where we discuss life, business, and politics through our distinctive brain-behavior lens. Check it out every Friday morning at 7AM.


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