A Balanced Approach

The expectations of modern professionals are higher than ever. Technology has caused many individuals and managers to be "always on" and tasked with finding ever more innovative solutions to their organization's firms. Conover+Brown's self-awareness work helps personnel balance stress loads, manage complex personalities, and stay on top of their game.


Save Time and Money

Growth is natural: our work accelerates, sharpens, and strengthens the natural development process. An investment in self-awareness is essentially fast-forwarding the hands of time.


Effective Techniques

Our exclusive data gathering tools and thought partnering processes have created success for career growth in finance, education, nonprofit, military and mental health fields. 





The minds of Professionals need attention too.

Conover+Brown was created to address a need our founders identified in the marketplace: support the mental, behavioral, and essential needs of working professionals that fell short of clinical concerns. Modern success is just as much about the mind and character as it is the title and paycheck amount. Learn more about our Professional Development services today:

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