Career Development

Make sure you are traveling along the path that brings you pride, growth, and satisfaction. For employees and managers, career development can mean entrance into management, transition into new industries, or even a go at independent coaching or consulting.


Performance Development

Many clients come to us to stay on top of their game. From financial advisers to legal professionals, those working-warriors with metrics to mind trust us to challenge, train, and benchmark their performance and productivity.


Development Coaching

Our most popular service, Development Coaching is about helping professionals stay sharp, connected, and growth-oriented day-to-day. Topics include emotional intelligence skills, goal-setting, and leadership development.





The minds of Professionals need attention too.

Conover+Brown was created to address a need our founders identified in the marketplace: support the mental, behavioral, and essential needs of working professionals that fell short of clinical concerns. Modern success is just as much about the mind and character as it is the title and paycheck amount. Learn more about our Professional Development services today:

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