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Transition or Transformation?

Our working worlds are undeniably important to our well-being, functioning, and overall success. Now more than ever, weekday warriors are met with deluges of employment options, organizational changes, and even life changes that cause them to rethink their current career path. At Conover+Brown, we integrate a deep understanding of our client's strengths, interests, and developmental history with current job market dynamics to deliver custom career coaching solutions for determining next professional steps.


Our Premier Individual Growth Solution

Working professionals, young or seasoned, are barraged with obligations, decisions, and opportunities that take constant tolls from their minds and bodies. Development Coaching is a set of tools and techniques designed to recharge and replenish mental reserves with applications in both personal and professional development. Clients can work on time-management, confidence building, or social/emotional IQ domains with the broad goal of individual growth across one or more domains. 

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The Well-Rounded Executive

Modern management demands excellent resource managers and excellent people managers: we strive for excellence in the latter. Our unique tools and approaches to executive development analyze strengths, deltas, achievements, and the contextualized environment (organization) and use discovered insight to generate custom action plans, skills development bootcamps, or thought partnerships designed to strengthed critical performance indicators.

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Organic Performance Boost

Performance, much like leadership, has changed in the last decades: sure, the numbers need to be there, but the underlying asset - the individual performer - has taken central stage. Our PD services analyze strengths, deltas, performance history, and organizational expectations and use discovered insights to create custom performance solutions designed to sustain high-performance phases and turnaround low-performance phases.


Personal Growth, Supercharged.

Conover+Brown's philosophical and technical home is Southern California Neuropsychology Group, a mental health facility that places an emphasis on precision in people services. As a result, our personal development services were designed to analyze strengths, interest, developmental histories and various goals and uses discovered insight to both structure plans for goal achievement and build capacity in psychosocial domains.