Accountability Partner

Accountability Partner


Welcome to Accountability Partner, your new solution for setting and accomplishing professional goals.

Accountability Partner is a lightweight coaching solution for professional growth. After getting an understanding of your goals, person, and environment, your development program is structured with 1-on-1 or video chat meetings, check-in's, and ongoing work.

When to use Accountability Partner:

Accountability Partner is leveraged:

1. Seeking New Job or Job Promotion
2. Career Transition
3. Start New Venture
4. Seeking Leadership Roles in Organization
5. General Development
6. Sharpen Inner- and Inter-Personal Skills

How does it work?

Brain Selfie
90 Day commitment
1 New Habit Per Month
1 Work Goal

3, 30-60 Minute Meetings
6 Check-Ins (2 per month)
Unlimited Messaging

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