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Four Memberships, One Vision

The Brain Mechanic is Conover+Brown's podcast where Dr. Michelle Conover, a clinical neuropsychologist, and Bryce Brown, a social scientist, discuss current events, ideas, and concepts from their distinct neuro- perspective. We've been on the air about a year and a half old and have garnered tens of thousands of listens and views across our various sites. Throughout this process, we kept asking ourselves, "how can we make this thing better?" and the answer: reward our listeners! So, we designed two membership levels for our fellow Neuro-Nerds!

Glial cells $5/Mo

Neuroglia are support cells in the central and peripheral nervous system. There are several different types, like astrocytes, and they help our brains be the amazing machines they are!

Our Glia membership is all about support! You'll receive the latest updates from TBM and get discounts on all eligible Big Learning events!


Neurons $25/MO

Neurons are, of course, the work horses of the brain. They send and receive messages so that you and I can do what we do best: be human!

Our Neuron members get Glia membership + the Mental Health Survival Kit, a monthly kit filled with ideas, activities, and goodies useful for maintaining your sanity in our crazy world!

N.Network $50/mo

Neural Networks are links of neurons coordinating activity to accomplish some goal.

At the Neural Network level, you get get everything at Glial + Neuron plus access to our online community where you can ask questions and see hours of unreleased footage, learning modules, and much more!

Neocortex $100/mo

The Neocortex is the "New Brain", the part of the brain we are most familiar with. Evolutionarily speaking, it is the most advanced assemblage of matter in the known universe!

At this level, you get access to everything plus access to our coaching platform, Adaptiv, to pick our brains about any question you might have brain, behavior, or critical thinking related.

 A neuron

A neuron