Impactful Positivity

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When I started as an intern at Southern California Neuropsychology Group in 2014, I was so excited to learn how to apply behavior insights to business outcomes. 

Three years later, we're back in Long Beach Unified School District. We're helping entrepreneurs pursue new disruptions. We're even working with 40 year old companies trying to reinvigorate their identity.

The "secret"? We promote impactful positivity. 

Conover+Brown is literally housed inside of a mental health facility. I chuckle to myself sometimes because I am literally surrounded by positive reframing, goal-oriented coaching, and tons of behavior data day in and day out. What this creates is a legitimately positive environment that runs on self-reflection and critical thinking.

The problems we face as an organization are standard, but our approaches are not. We embrace both conflict and challenge, encouraging our staff to work through intrapersonal and interpersonal problems, instead of radiating the kinds of passive aggression one might find in a more traditional office environment. 

Where can we measure this positive impact? 


1) Southern California Neuropsychology Group boasts a retention rate of nearly 90% for wage-workers and graduate training applicants have increased nearly 70% as more and more students accept the challenge Dr. Conover places before them.

2) Another SoCal fact: our Y/Y income has increased around 25% per annum

3) Conover+Brown is experiencing its own explosive growth, increasing its customer load 300% in September.

So, whether you're a human-centrist or profit-drive, there's something to be said about our approaches.

They work.

Bryce Brown
Partner, Conover+Brown

Bryce Brown

Southern California Neuropsychology Grou, 21031 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA, 91364, United States

Bryce Brown is an consultant and partner at people + organization strategy firm Conover+Brown and executive produces learning and development channel, OrganizationTV.