What is Development Planning?


A question I get pretty often is what do you do? I’m a Development Coach, which means I specialize in helping working professionals meet their personal and professional development goals. 

My work centers around a process, development planning, where my clients and I work through their current — usually annual or biannual — goals and take inventory of the internal and external factors critical to meeting those goals. With this information we build out a development plan, a physical document organizing the insights and action steps the client will take to accomplish their desired goals.

Development Plans are about a client owning their success: we explore what’s next for them, how they’re going to get there, and why that growth is important.

My plans come in 4 flavors: Personal, Professional, Executive, and Entrepreneur, but all share a common underlying structure:

Development Plan Components:

1. Internal Assets:

This section look’s at an individual’s strengths, areas for growth, and levels of self-awareness. Internal assets are critical for both professional and personal development as advances in career and general satisfaction require growth mind sets, commitment to action, and active learning.

2. Environmental Dynamics

This section analyzes the environments an individual is affected by. Organizational dynamics, industry norms, experiential history, and various leadership influences are considered. As many goals and objectives involve organizations and leaders, this section helps clients understand their contexts in deeper detail. 

3. Goals

This section brings Internal Assets and Environment Dynamics together to achieve goals. Following the Evaluation, Exploration, Action, Feedback method, robust goals can be broken down into manageable phases and steadily pursued.

Goal Kinds:

My clients come to me for different specific reasons, but here are some common types of development goals:

  • Meet Performance Goals
  • Career Clarity and Career Advancement (Promotions) 
  • Confidence Building  
  • People Managing (Social/Emotional IQ)
  • Time Management
  • Getting Organized
  • Getting Motivated
  • Managing Stress  
  • General Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Taking on New Project
  • Career Transisition  
  • Coach the Coaches
  • Personal Growth

And a lot more!


The approach I specialize in is deep development, which blends personal growth with professional growth borrowing techniques from the psychologies and business skills. Deep Development is a part of the larger organizational neuropsychology approach my partner, clinical and forensic neuropsychologist Dr. Michelle Conover, and I are pioneering. With this incredible toolkit, I’m helping professionals all over the world design their development and fully own their success.

Bryce Brown
Partner, Conover+Brown

Bryce Brown

Southern California Neuropsychology Grou, 21031 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA, 91364, United States

Bryce Brown is an consultant and partner at people + organization strategy firm Conover+Brown and executive produces learning and development channel, OrganizationTV.