Bryce's No-Fly List


Hey guys,

I'm one of the partners here at CB and I think most of my team would describe me as maniacally obsessed with small details in language and communication, especially when it comes to defining concepts.

As far as I'm concerned, 100% of human problems source from slight differences in how human agents interpret, associate meaning, and ultimately act on information. 

So I decided to assemble a working list (check back frequently for updates) of business concepts, jargon, or phrases that are guaranteed to send me into a philosophical rage:

  1. "Trusted Partner" - lets face it, conducting business can be treacherous. While no reputable firm intentionally misleads or misstates out of malignancy, business is based on market opportunity: trusted partners are as useful as the market allows. 
  2. "We don't have the bandwidth" - translation: we can't afford it. Business jargon is excessively euphemistic because who likes admitting they're $10k short of a critical investment? 
  3. "Authentic Leadership" - a noble concept, but predictably one-dimensional in the hands of managers and bean counters. Leadership is about social cognition and understanding when to be authentic and when to be strategic.
  4. "Alignment" - this one I begrudgingly use because people mostly understand what it means. However, when we stop dancing around the fire and define "alignment" I usually end up in a rage yet again.
  5. "Empowerment" - another term that one might find on CB promotional material, but is also far too vague.
  6. "Millennial" - the digital revolution of the late 90's early 2000's brought about unprecedented change, "disruption", and social dynamics. 

Bryce Brown

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Bryce Brown is an consultant and partner at people + organization strategy firm Conover+Brown and executive produces learning and development channel, OrganizationTV.