Time Travelers

Time Travel: An Advanced State of Being.


Physicists opine that time travel is physically possible if you build a machine that can accelerate to the speed of light. However, even if scientists are able to build one that can sustain a human body (without death) it would not be helpful since the human has only progressed through space and nothing more. So showing up in the future, with nothing in hand, only proves a basic scientific point that, “yes, it can be done.”

However, time travel (with a purpose) is possible today in a form that most of us know about but don’t use enough of; mentality. Mentality is the capacity of intellectual thought. It is achieved with the right combination of elements, much like an algorithm, which is a process or a set of rules to be followed. For instance, if you take a young mind and infuse it with specific knowledge that is selected in order to expand consciousness then you have just accelerated or updated your “software” so to speak.

The creation of future thinkers is possible. The better minds are the ones that are distracted and bored, looking for something better and more exciting to feast upon. Unfortunately, it is too often the case that boredom leads to negative actions with punishment or containment that soon follow.

The brain is the essence or central component of the human being. It knows what we need before our consciousness catches on. This is why most of us don’t fully comprehend why we behave, think or feel they way we do. However, what if we teach our youth of today the most salient lessons in order to expand their consciousness, promoting an advance state of being where most things are possible? That future is not only brighter for them but better for us.